Saturday, October 4, 2008


April 1987

We can do everything
But control the tongue
It shoots out words
Like a machine gun
The words will hit here
And they’ll hit there
At times we speak them
And we don’t even care

Our words cut, slice and hurt,
We’ll make someone feel clean
Or feel like dirt
Our words can do damage
That can’t be undone
And the scars they leave
Touch more then just one

What you say must help
Not hurt
To speak evil of someone
You’re speaking dirt
Keep the tongue from evil
That’s what the Word says
To gossip about someone
You’re speaking them dead

The words you speak will never die
But they live on the truth and a lie

We’ve all slipped
And we’ve all failed
Speak to help
Not to start the wheels
Turning in hell
If you can’t speak something helpful
Then don’t speak at all
For our words my friend
Will cause someone
To seriously fall

Speak words that mend
Not to tear
Speak words that express
How much you really care
Speak words that uplift
And bring joy
Brighten up someone’s life
Like ice cream given
To a girl or boy

Speak words that will bring
Love ones close by
That will make them feel wanted
And stop them that cry
The words you speak
Must be seasoned well
With love and compassion
People can tell,

Remember the words you speak will never die,
But they will live on, the truth and a lie.

This poem is part of a revised collection first Copyright 1997 and self
published in 2000 under the name Wanda M. R. Garrett, title of collection,
"Expressions From Wanda. Next publication was done by Conquering Books LLC
in Norht Carolina 2004.
New revised collection is call "Truthful Expression" to be published in 2009

Along with this poetess having a new name and new found religion the book
title has taken on a new name also called, "Truthful Expressions"
All poems have been revised and packed with more explosive truths then before.
Published under her new name of "Ruth Sadi El" (fomerly Wanda M.R. Garrett)
She still has a lot of works published on the internet under her old name,
but she is still one in the same person. "Ruth Sadi El"